Being Happy

From a purely selfish point of view aside from adequately and comfortable surviving and succeeding in life, a fundamental goal is to be happy. I remembered watching this television program an episode devoted to answering the question, “Are you happy?’ The main character ran through the course of the show facing back to back annoying challenges holding off answering the question till the very end of the show which he finally admitted to being happy. The lesson here was the fight to come to grips with a truism. Happiness with variances and degrees different with each one of us, the goal of happiness from a core level is satisfying and worth all the crap that makes up the rest of whom and what we are. With that said, we want to be happy, need to be happy but then how do we reach this goal? Where do we start? How do we know that we chase after is what we need? What determines the factors and criteria that puts smiles on our faces and warms the heart?

“Yes, of course, I’m happy. It could be better, but all and all, I’m good.”

Truth is that if you believe in happiness, happiness is yours. Smile!!!

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