Reiki and Qigong Healing through Belief, Intent and Imagination

In Reiki, the concept of imagination is the key to healing. As we’ve heard and read, the connection with mind, body and the elusive spirit requires a balance for good health and well being. In our minds we think that all we need to do is sit on a boulder on top of a mountain stare out into the valley, mediate and we’re cured, right? Well, I wish I can say it`s that easy; but it’s not: We’re a complicated bunch of insects and with zillions of variables that make healing difficult.

Conclusion: “naga hap’n.”

Most of us know what our problems are, what we need to do like diet, exercise, alleviate stress, but what we truly want to help us heal is our personal dilemma.

In my years of training, I first started listening and emulating: Monkey see, monkey do; the better monkey, the better student. Sempai-gohai relationship in Japanese training required this type of filial abeyance. Unfortunately, from an inquisitive and sometimes skeptical point of view, I had questions; the inner child “why” syndrome popped out. Why am I doing it this way? Why is it important to focus from my “hara” instead of my fist? Why do I have to kia at this moment? Why? Why? Why? Blah, blah, blah.

What resulted was conventional Asian wisdom as Bruce Lee quaintly put it in his movie, “Enter the Dragon…Don't think; feel. It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

As my martial arts training continued and developed for 40 years, I experienced that in order to learn and “get it” I needed a strong belief system that started with a child’s imagination, creativity and soulful intent. I remembered personal experiences from church, discussions, and research, the first from Catholic church near to where I grew up. Father Ed preached and even had them in a song, “If you believe, then you shall live.” Logically, I was already alive. Why was this so important (“Why” again); it resolve the belief of life after death in the Kingdom of God. If you don’t believe, then there will be no afterlife: Simple as that; case closed, end of story. Healing was definitely more spiritual than mind or body. Take it to another level; certain Chinese doctors of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice “healing of the soul.” I’ve seen videos of them and concluded that their strength is in a strong belief system that if you use kindness, compassion and the belief in God (or an infinite spiritual wisdom) you can eliminate the manifested negativity, toxicity, and internal poison that make up the root causes of your illnesses.

Conventional Western Medicine only agrees with this precept if it is backed by science and clinical trials. I remembered reading a book long ago: The Celestine Principals. Aside from it being a good read, the final pay off was that time will come when science or basically human intellect and spirituality will be one in the same, when true wisdom does not require dogma nor religion to lead humanity towards a path of true enlightenment. As an argument, if this was to happen, will we be able to use the power of the mind from a scientific and spiritual position to heal ourselves? I’ve read articles and opinions about how prayer has helped in healing, again validating the strength of belief and imagination.

In my short research, I read that Reiki Master Miako “Gyoho” Usui was a Christian Minister and Buddhist Monk, learning the healing palm techniques from years of Qigong training in the monasteries. At the time and even up to now, some of those forms could have either been: Yi Jin Jing (tendon stretching) , Baduanjin (eight piece brocade), Wu Qi Xi (animal frolicking) , Lui Zi Jue (penetrating sounds), Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation), and finally taijiquan. What they all required was a deep commitment to internal development which required belief, intent and imagination.

Though I still use physical strength in some of my karate and qigong “iron shirt” forms I’ve learned to forget technique and instead float into an abyss, the colloquial “be one with the universe” “let the force be with you” “go with the flow.” Since relieving me the responsibility of being technically perfect -- the first precept of Funakoshi’s dojo kun, which in my defense I know I’m doing correctly since I’ve performed them about a gazillion times before and like picking up a fork and eating; forget about the details; just put it in your mouth, chew and swallow – I have the luxury of surrendering, transforming, transcending and tuning in with a force not of this real world.

Again, belief, intent and imagination.

What it’s key here is that Asian healing practices such as Reiki, qigong and certain martial arts, although strict and regimen, kihon/kata, conduct and process, must start with the mind and then fully transcending towards an absolute commitment to believing who you are and what you are administering has the power, intellect and wisdom of the universe.

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