Qi Gong: Anti-Aging Tool Article Reprint from Selfgrowth.com

By Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Qi gong is one of the most powerful tools for staying young and nourishing longevity. How does it work?

Builds Internal Strength and Suppleness

Unlike other forms of traditional western exercise, qi gong trains the energy of the body to invigorate internal organs to promote balanced health and prolong youthful appearance.

For example, in the Chinese medicine system, the spleen is said to rule the muscles of the body. Certain qi gong movements stimulate the spleen organ and its associated energy pathways. Thus, when one performs qi gong movements that target the spleen, the muscles become more youthful, supple and free of wrinkles (especially in the case of the muscles of the face).

As an example, I am often mistaken for a woman in my early thirties despite being a forty-four years old instructor of qi gong.

Also, since qi gong involves deep breath work, greater levels of oxygen enter the bloodstream to help rejuvenate the internal organs on a cellular level.

Last, on an energetic level, it is said that our essential energy or jing is responsible for youthfulness and housed in the organs of the kidneys.

Qi gong movements nourish the energy of kidneys. Thus, many qi gong masters have strong kidneys and often appear untouched by time.

Creates Youthful Brain Cells

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine discovered that when qi is emitted by qi gong masters, a greater perfusion of blood occurred within the brain.

Greater perfusion of blood nourishes the brain cells to help prevent dementia and other cognitive and mental conditions associated with aging. Thus, performing qi gong can help keep the brain and mind young and vibrant.

Prevents Conditions that Prematurely Age the Body

Qi gong also promotes greater states of relaxation. As a result, heath conditions that are influenced by stress such as premature graying, high blood pressure, and certain types of immunity imbalances, occur less in individuals practicing qi gong.

Manages and Resolves Conditions that Age the Body

Qi gong circle walking is especially effective as a healing tool for people who have cancer. At Stanford University, Dr Arnold Tayam, head instructor of the qi gong program, uses a special form of qi gong walking to help promote greater states of relaxation and rejuvenation to help cancer facilitate greater healing with cancer patients.

Nourishes the Spirit and the Body

Qi Gong facilitates a connection with a higher power through meditation and movement.

David Felton, MD, a renowned immunologist who conducted research at the University of California, found that the immunity system is strengthened by spiritual practices.

Therefore, qi gong, as a spiritual practice, can play a role in helping the immunity system stay balanced to prevent conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis often associated with aging although juvenile forms can also occur.

Creates Youthful Bones

Qi gong nourishes the bones in two ways. By strengthening the internal organ of the kidneys, said to rule the bones in the Chinese medicine system, bones tend to heal faster and have greater protection against degeneration and osteoporosis.

As an example, a 74 years old client who performs qi gong everyday, was able to have her cast removed two weeks ahead of schedule following ankle surgery because her bones mended more rapidly than a similar patient who was half her age but not performing qi gong.

In summary, qi gong can promote greater states of youthfulness and longevity by nourishing the internal organs, muscular and bone systems, and by promoting greater mental and spiritual balance.

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Author's Bio:  Kay Hutchinson is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, energetic life coach and teacher of qi gong movement. She is the founder of Aiki Healing, a private practice in Austin, Texas, and the publisher of "Health Prosperity" a publication dedicated to empowering people to manifest optimum health and wellness.

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