Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Video Learn Tai Chi Yang Style Long Form

By now almost everyone has heard about Tai Chi, slow motion movements that looks like a dance practiced by healthy but old Asians at a city park.  There are benefits, no doubt; thousands of years of evidence prove it.

No one should be denied the opportunities of learning it.  Though going to a certified instructor is the preferred method, other ways are available.  This video or series of videos I produced and published in this blog could be that opportunity.

Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi has about 88 sequential movements and when done correctly takes about 20 minutes. Because of its length, aside from making your body move in ways you're not used to moving, the biggest challenge is retaining or remembering. When I learned it many years ago, I mimicked my instructor’s movements for about three years till it finally set in. Through the wonders of technology and the Internet, I can produce a series of training videos that almost anyone can view and follow. I performed this form in fast speed, about double time normal speed and in back view for easy reference. When movements are reviewed in fast motion, it allows you the opportunity to repeat and toggle back and forth, review mentally and practice along. Also, broken down into six sequential parts or chapters, you can learn in "bite sized" pieces.

Normal slow speed, front view.

Back view done quickly for easier reference and review.


Once you've learned the movements, then practice at the normal slow pace.

To view the remaining Long Parts 2 through 6, go to:

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Long Form Part 6

The following is a video of the Long Form in it's entirety from start to finish.  Fast.