My Message About Being Bullied

Years ago in high school, I walked my girlfriend to class.  It was a normal day except for something that enfolded right before my eyes.  I saw this bully approach a smaller boy, smaller in stature, quiet and unassuming; his victim.  The bigger boy backed by five other tough guys asked the little boy for a quarter.  The smaller boy attempted to comply by first opening up his locker and placing his books in it.  The bigger boy kept on hounding him to hurry up, classes were about to start.  Several teachers witnessed this event but did nothing.  It was well documented that these thugs had a reputation of violence and some had criminal records.  So when the little man began pulling money from his pocket the bully slams a fist on the boy’s jaw knocking him down.  The frenzy began; his partners hoot and hollered, screaming and laughing, encouraging him on to finish the job which the bully gladly obliged by throwing punch after punch.