The Decision to Affect Change

We reach a certain age, spent years of doing insanely stupid things, realizing that if we decide to live longer, we have to "change our evil ways."

Baby boomers already know about diet, exercise, stress reduction.  It was us who started the trend, and far be it for us not to follow the wisdom of our generation.

For lunch I munched on a bland salad while everyone around me ate hamburgers, fries and cokes while listening to their ear buds in full blast.

I just might live longer than them.

We researched before the Internet and continued to verify and contradict what we learned.

As the Coke-cola generation that started it all with "the real thing" we've got to continue to provide the impetus for solutions.

It was this Cold War curiosity that embraced Timothy Leary, Jimmy Hendricks and bell-bottomed pants, and we can continue this curiosity to help us baby boomers live to mentor our grandchildren to further experience the awe of the universe.

My granddaughter asked me if she hugged a tree, will it help it live forever?

I told her that I hugged a tree when it was a small stick and now it's as tall as a skyscraper.

And then with childlike enthusiasm, she jumped up in my arms and hugged me.

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