Ping Shuai Gong - Swing Hands Workout

As an instructor, I fell short of designing a regime that anybody can do without my being there.  Qigong and Taijiquan require instruction and class time and, because of distance, availability, scheduling, cost and other constraints, many can't attend.  Recently, through my Internet research, I came upon a unique form of qigong called "ping shuai gong" or arm swinging exercise that is simple and effective; meaning, you don't need an instructor nor school. Watch the videos, and you'll see what I mean.  It can be boring but no worse than long walks or jogging, but you can offset the boredom by either watching television or listening to music.  Put your headsets on.  I do!

With that said, I highly recommend it.

These videos are pretty cool with grand master, Lee Feng Sheng,  explaining a mindset (in subtitles like watching a kung fu movie) as his students perform the movements.  

I love his wisdom.  It's inspirational. 

The goal is to do three sets of ten minutes.  The reason.  See below.

Every 10 minutes is a phase. 

In the 1st 10 minutes, it will activate your basic circulation. 

In the 2nd 10 minutes, it will start the work inside your internal organs & will also bear some effects on your brain. 

In the 3rd 10 minutes, or about ½ hour, you will discover that some of the hidden sickness inside your body will be uncovered. 

This kind of circulation will bring balance and harmony inside your body. And the hidden old sickness will naturally be cured & you will feel very comfortable.

~ Taiwanese Wushu & Qigong Master Lee Feng San

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Anyway, check out the videos and let me know what you think!

The following are more helpful YouTube videos.

Instructional Video and Full Workout

Now that you've learned the movements, I produced the following video that adds the option of walking in place at various sequences.  This workout takes you through 10 minutes which is the recommended time to practice the arm swinging movements.  Your goal is to practice three (3) 10 minutes sets.

It's pretty cool and I hope you like it while you workout with me!

10 Minute Ping Shuai Gong Set