Baby Boomer Martial Arts Speak Wisdom?

Old karate baby boomer speaks wisdom? When you reach a certain age, say baby boomer age, ideas spin in your head; ideas, that may or may not make sense due to informational overload, years of experience doing way too many things, but yet yearning to do so much more. In the movie Shaolin, lyrics in the title song said...let me plant a seed of good will and walk this road of life together with you. Sometimes, all it takes is a seed. How we define this, is totally up to us.

As we age, we still have opportunities to learn, fulfill dreams, experience more, make a difference and help make this world a better place to live.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Senior Kata 70 to 79 Year Old Division

Looks like some old time Baby Boomers still got it. So if he can, you can!!!



  1. Very impressive! He still looks very quick and agile, I expect he's been doing this for a long time. There's hope for us all yet!

  2. It looks like his goal was to compete in forms in the 70-79 division and not LOOK like he was 70-79! Mission accomplished - he's amazing :-)

  3. This is the result of following.....the WAY!

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  5. James - When I show this to my associates who are in their 60's like myself, say "no way." But you answered succinctly "the WAY” which has been our core slogan when we first trained those many years ago. A lot of us baby boomers face physical challenges that prevent us from executing like high schoolers, and we should not allow things like painful arthritis or past torn muscles or ligaments from years of abuse and misguided training be deterrents. With that said and as old are we, we should consider those limits work with and around them, and promote truly “THE WAY of the Empty Fist.”