Monday, May 22, 2017

Ping Shuai Gong - Swing Hands Workout

Everyone who knows me will attest that I've practiced martial arts when bell bottom pants roamed the earth, which means a long time.  I work out daily various forms of martial arts consisting of karate, Tai Chi and Qigong, movements, traditional as taught many years in the past, some complicated to the point if you're not concentrating, you make a mistake and then feel cheated for doing a poor workout.

Well, several days ago, I came upon this unique form of Qigong that I'm going to say, after 45 plus years of martial arts training, is simple and the real McCoy.  It's boring as all get down, but no worse that jogging.  I supplement the boredom with music by Tower of Power or War or Eagles or Three Dog Night...

I highly recommend it and challenge you (after you talk to your doctor, of course) to do it.  

The video above is pretty cool with subtitles of all the languages imaginable.  Like watching a kung fu video. The grand master provides an explanation as the girls repeat the movements.  He's informative and complete and inspirational.  I like how he emphasizes just being normal with your movements.

The goal is to do three sets of ten minutes.  The reason.  See below.

Every 10 minutes is a phase. 

In the 1st 10 minutes, it will activate your basic circulation. 

In the 2nd 10 minutes, it will start the work inside your internal organs & will also bear some effects on your brain. 

In the 3rd 10 minutes, or about ½ hour, you will discover that some of the hidden sickness inside your body will be uncovered. 

This kind of circulation will bring balance and harmony inside your body. And the hidden old sickness will naturally be cured & you will feel very comfortable.

~ Taiwanese Wushu & Qigong Master Lee Feng San

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The following is another helpful YouTube Video.

Enjoy and good health!!!

Sensei Domi